Book review: ’Champagne 49 million bubbles’ by Fredrik Schelin

Picture of Björnstierne Antonsson

Björnstierne Antonsson

Do you enjoy a glass of champagne? During the hollidays its nice to be able to sig own and read a new book. Why don’t combines reading & Your favorite drink Champagne? This past week I have read Fredrik Schelin book ’Champagne 49 million bubbles’.


The book is built round 5 sections;

  • WHAT IS CHAMPAGNE? Champagne s history, the champagne method, vintage champagne, other sparkling wines.
  • LIST – 100 FAVOURITES 100 selected champagnes, 12 fantastic houses.
  • CHAMPAGNE AND FOOD What goes with champagne? Recipes and complementary flavours.
  • CHAMPAGNE THEN AND NOW Cultivation yesterday and today; traditional, organic, biodynamic.
  • VISIT CHAMPAGNE Sparkling reasons to travel to Champagne – hotels, restaurants and champagne houses that receive visits.
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