Bollinger tasting @ The Champagnebar

Picture of Björnstierne Antonsson

Björnstierne Antonsson

Bond-premier in Stockholm and everybody is speaking about Bollinger! On the 30th of October the 24th James Bond movie had its premier worldwide. SPECTRE is the 14th Bond film to feature Bollinger as James Bond’s Champagne of choice, with the discerning secret agent this time deciding to drink the exclusive prestige cuvée Bollinger R.D. 2002. We sat up at tasting of Bollinger at The Champagnebar by Richard Juhlin in Stockholm that week.

RICHARD JUHLIN ON BOLLINGER Joseph Bollinger was the German from Würtemberg who founded this ancient house in 1829. The French called him simply ‘Jacques.’ The firm’s large estates in the best Pinot villages were bought by his sons Georges and Joseph, and in 1918 it was time for the next Jacques to take over the property. He became the mayor of Aÿ, but died during the German occupation at the age of forty-seven. The most colorful person in the history of the house is his widow, Lily Bollinger, who kept a watchful eye on every bunch of grapes by cycling through the vineyards regularly. Her rigorous demands for quality still run through the house to this day.

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