Autumn in Champagne by André Clouet

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Björnstierne Antonsson

As the cool wind blows away the last of the summer’s heat and the grape harvest kicks into high gear, France’s northeastern Champagne region hits its peak.

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André Clouet


★★★ av ★★★★★

Pierre and Françoise Santz-Clouet own nine hectares in Bouzy and Ambonnay. Charming and full of ideas, their son Jean-François is striving toward Bollinger in style and quality. Sometimes he succeeds. These wines have rapidly enjoyed great success.

The rare vintage wines come from old vines right next to Bollinger’s ungrafted vines in Bouzy. The family owns 9 hectares of vineyards. The labels look old-fashioned—either you love them or hate them. The wines, on the other hand, are hard to dislike. Unfortunately the great success has led to overproduction of Grande Réserve, Brut and Rosé so one star is lost because of that. Frankly I dont think Jean-François cares because his brand is the number one selling brand in Sweden! All the other wines are as great as ever.

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