Ask TheChampagneSommelier; What is the oldest wine company in Champagne?

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The correct answer is both Gosset and Ruinart depending on how you look at it.

Aÿ, with its southern slopes, had the best reputation of all the Champagne villages. It is also to Aÿ that one can trace the oldest remaining champagne house. As early as 1584, the Gosset family started making still wine, but they were far from the first to sell champagne. Starting in 1729, Ruinart has sold its champagnes with house status worldwide and is therefore considered the oldest champagne house.

It took until 1728 before the law that prevented wines from being transported in bottles was lifted, and only then was it possible to start a champagne house. Ruinart was thus first out, but several famous names followed closely behind and by the mid-1730s the bubbly drink had taken a firm hold on the Paris nightlife, which was flooded with champagne.

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