Ask TheChampagneSommelier; The first vines in Champagne?

Björnstierne Antonsson

Björnstierne Antonsson

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A land with historical ties to wine

Let’s go back several centuries in time. To the time of the Gauls. Most of present-day Champagne was home to the Remi, a tribe which notably allied itself with Julius Caesar well before Gaul was invaded.

They were a wine-loving people accustomed to buying lots of it, especially from the Romans. A profitable trade for the latter who, following the invasion of the whole of the territory, forbid vine plantations among the Gauls to protect themselves against any competition. This ban would be lifted in the late 3rd century AD.

Recent discoveries have shown that there were domestic vines in Champagne as early as the 1st century.

[ source CIVC.fr ]

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