A Friday night at the champagne bar …

Picture of Björnstierne Antonsson

Björnstierne Antonsson

The clock is approaching 17 o’clock, the temperature creeps down to 5 degrees, humidity in the air, the wind whips against the unprotected face, the queue of strangers winds outside a known address in the central parts of the capital, determined faces and anxious glances are thrown between the individuals. The questions are many; what will they serve in the glasses tonight? Will that be enough for me?


As the experienced champagne bar visitor remembers, we use to tease with nice bubbles from some of the really big names in Champagne. After various pressures, this is something we intended to address again, and this up-coming Friday we intend to provide an answer to the question; Is Cristal really as good as the rumor suggests, or is it just the hip hop culture and the uninitiated who love these mythical bubbles ..! ??

At 19:00 we will open 1 bottle of 2002 Cristal. The 2002 is a blend of Pinot! Noir 55% and Chardonnay 45%. Pinot Noir gives wines with a fleshy body and a scent reminiscent of red apples, strawberries, iron and blood (!). The aromas are similar to that of a large red Burgundy. Chardonnay from the Côte de Blancs gives the wine finesse, freshness and elegance. Chardonnay has a very elegant structure and a scent that is often reminiscent of walnuts, nougat, toast and duck liver. We offer you a glass, 12 cl for 600 kronor or a tasting sample by, 5 cl for 250 kronor. Hungry?

Tell us in the future which top champagnes you want to see served by the glass; Salon, Krug, Clos de Mensil, Dom Pérignon, Vieilles Vignes Française… 

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