5 bottles & 5 questions Marie Von Ahm [dk]

Picture of Björnstierne Antonsson

Björnstierne Antonsson

Every Friday TheChampagneSommelier will ask 5 questions about 5 coeur de bouteilles to friends and Champagne lovers from near and far. This week we had a bubbly chat with our Danish champagne friend Marie Von Ahm.


The Epicurean Viking! A high-octane kickboxing Dane crusading the world in the name of Champagne… Born in Denmark but currently spending my time between Barcelona and Luxembourg from where I run my consultancy company.

I’m managing partner of Wineally; digital solutions for perfect wine & dine experienced and sustainable wine business, and also of innovative private wine club & estate Binivista at Mallorca.

Furthermore I am VP of site selection at The Vines, the world’s first global community dedicated to winemaking! Besides that I help Champagne Boërl & Kroff and Terroir al Limit sell their beautiful wines around the world.…. And obviously drink a lot of Champagne while doing all this! 

Which Champagne would You treat your parents or in-laws?

I would open a bottle of Krug Rosé for my mother and love to see her eyes well up over it’s beauty ! 

Which Champagne would You treat your lover?

’Penet-Chardonnet ‘Les Epinettes’ 2009, Grand Cru Verzy – an intense I would open a rare magnum of 1996 Boërl & Kroff for him on a very special occasion…. Practically no bottles left in the world! But he deserves one of the few ones left. 

Which Champagne would You treat your boss?

‘I’m my own boss! He he but well, I’d love to share a 2020 Edition (late release) of Salon 1997 with my partner and CEO of Wineally! 

Which Champagne would You treat yourself?

’Hmm, good one! I love to open bottles of young Cedric Bouchard for myself on a Saturday morning in the sunshine when I’ve had a great week! I’m particularly fond of the 2017 ‘Côte de Val Vilaine’ right now for that purpose!’ 

Which Champagne would You treat a dream guest, and why?

’Depends on what dream guest really…. I’ve always wanted to meet Lily Bollinger and hear her story from her very own lips. And that would of course have to be over her very own favourite vintage/cuvée of Bollinger! Something from her time that I’ve never tasted and that she believes really symbolises her vision for the house.’

 [what piece of music would you listen to drinking wine in question 5 ?] 

‘Count Basie ‘April in Paris’. 

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