5 bottles – 5 questions Dayana Nassyrova [kaz]

Björnstierne Antonsson

Björnstierne Antonsson

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Every Friday TheChampagneSommelier will ask 5 questions about 5 coeur de bouteilles to friends and Champagne lovers from near and far.

This week Björnstierne got to talk to top-sommelière Dayana Nassyrova from Almaty in Kazakhstan. She is the Vice President of Kazakhstan’s national sommelier association. Awards & Accolades; 2019 Best Sommelier of Kazakhstan, 2018 Women’s Cup Sommelier International & ASI Gold Certified Sommelier.

Which Champagne would You treat your parents or in-laws?

Krug ‘Clos du Mesnil’

Which Champagne would You treat your lover?

Jerome Prevost ‘La Closerie’

Which Champagne would You treat your boss?

2008 Egly Ouriet ‘Grand Cru’

Which Champagne would You treat yourself?

Jacques Selosse ‘Substance’

Which Champagne would You treat a dream guest, and why?

Agrapart ‘Experience’ – Really special wine to surprise my dream guest. Produced without dosage and any other additives. To the tunes of Queen or David Bowie – ‘under pressure’.


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