Newsletter Edition Feb 2013

2013 - An exciting year in the grip of technology.

We in champagne club have just stepped into a new exciting year of bubbles, a year which we hope to share with all you members. Several large international projects are in the pipeline and you will hopefully soon be hearing more about them. My little team around me have been working extremely hard for a while to try to bring order to a new database in which I continuously record all my former and new tasting notes. Translations from Swedish to English is high priority for us at the moment, necessary in the ambition to be able to present by far the world's best champagne-site and the most useful Champagne-app ever seen. Now it belongs to the matter that I am a complete technical loser who does not even manage to bring order to my email or my TV-receiver so I can only hope that my colleagues Jan, Björnstierne and Herman are right in their bold promises.

Christmas break I spent otherwise very devoted to curse at technical things which seems to be inherent for getting messed up. In the 24 days we were without email despite three talented techies was in my home trying to fix things for hours. Ten phone calls and after several hours on the telephone later I finally had enough and asked a poor employee of my Internet service provider, Telia, to literarily go to hell, which, I believe, at the end actually made them take my severe problems for real and gave them some fire in the rear and finally, on the 25th day he arrived, the savoir of all saviours. A divine sent out Telia-employed neighbour who liked champagne and who took a little extra time, got me back on track and you can not imagine how privileged I feel that can both send and receive emails without any malfunctions for a week. However, during the nearly six months no one have helped me so that I can receive emails on my Blackberry smart phone during my travels, (lot the password and Blackberry support is just not a service I manage to handle), or got Bluetooth to work in the rental car, or managed to fix my hybrid Lexus in two months, or managed to get Canal+ working in six months, all this, even though the bills are paid faithfully every month, or to get my oven to reach the desired temperature or get hot water in the bathtub, or mobile and WiFi networks in the rest of my house, or get something as simple as lighting in the ceilings, or using my fireplace without causing smoke damaging the entire house. Technology World stinks!!

It's really nuts that we have become so dependent on technology that technology geeks everywhere can play around with us technology zeros for their own amusement and we can't do anything about it. I open my wallet, I beg on my knees. Please, I do not know how it works and I can take the most expensive and best solution, all I ask for is that it works, but they just stand there grinning and explains the techniques in terms which for me is all ‘space-alien gibberish’, of why I, of all people in this world, just this time had an incredible bad luck and that I just need to go to the next instance where everything should be all right, and so it goes on and on and on. If there is a God, please give me as a working phone, car, computer, washing machine and a hot oven then I more never touch a technical device because they seems to group together and apparently hates me so much that they just have to break down as soon as my of humanistic emotional creature is nearby. I swear!

Otherwise, the year has begun very differently and bubble-free. The final weeks in 2012 were devoted a great deal to the final fine adjustments of my new huge book 'A scent of champagne'. It is certainly foolish to create high expectations that are so difficult to meet, but personally I think this is by far my best and most beautiful book, I'm really proud and I really hope you find it worthy when you choose gifts for your customers or employees or when you want to give someone a really special Christmas present next year. We will also ensure that you members get priority on the 2000 numbered and signed copies that is a special edition delivered in a deluxe wrapping/box. After such a monumental work there is a little empty feeling lingering and the champagne cravings have actually been a little less than usual, I must admit.

Maybe it was good thing that the technology crashed all around me so I had to spend my time on other things than work. Believe not that I been lazy for that reason, no, I must always put up new goals and ambitions for myself. For a few months, once again, the main ambition is to win the Swedish Championship for Senior Athletes in running 60 meters and show that I am Sweden's fastest 50-year-old. After an autumn of hard work and some minor illnesses coming and going, I did not even dream of that I ever would be back in shape again for such a challenge, but thanks to a wonderful birthday present I got from an old friend, the initiative gained momentum again, so a Spartan lifestyle and torturous diets will keep on haunting me for another three weeks. The Gift? My friend gave me a week's training camp with the Swedish sprinting team in Tenerife and its crazy how much you get inspired by playing around with the top talent in all areas. A few technique-workouts later and tagged by the country's fastest men, I actually went under the Nordic record (with manual timing at training). Now a competition is a totally different thing and electronic timing less forgiving, but it looks very bright unless they are constantly troublesome old man calf puts a stop at the last minute as they did during the last training session last year.

I could not completely stay away from the champagne on Tenerife and had me both worlds fastest couple Ivete Lalova and Simone Collio and Sweden's fastest man Stefan Tärnhuvud down to the romantic stone beach with little devoutly enjoying Comte de Champagne and William Deutz Rosé. Yesterday I drank also the month the first glass of red wine and ate month's first carbohydrate-fueled pasta pillows at my Italian friend Eddi. Insanely tasty! How have I been out to mortify me like this? Is it worth it? Never mind. Let’s try. In three weeks it's over and then the champagne nose eagerly can get back in business.

Spring is full of trips to Asia and Central Europe in the name of Champagne. You have to catch as much as possible before I become father of four children and focus takes an exciting new direction again.

Lidingö January 23, 2013
Richard Juhlin



ABOUT HENRI GIRAUD - Champagne Henri Giraud is perhaps best known for making extraordinarily good pinot noir-based Champagnes, but also because they like to use oak. Glaude Giraud becomes very enthusiastic when he will tell you about the amazing oak he uses from different locations in Argonne Forest in Champagne.

Richard Juhlin ABOUT GIRAUD - The Hémart family made their home at Aÿ at the beginning of the seventeenth century and started with champagne during the eighteenth century. At the beginning of the twentieth century there was a marriage between Hémart and Léon Giraud. At present Claude Giraud is the head of the twelfth generation. The wines have improved fantastically during recent years. A passion for oak barrels has been its own reward in this case. Wonderfully rich, caressing wines with a classical hazelnut-scented village character. Especially impressive are the non-vintages with the strawberry-scented rosé in the lead.

THE TASTING - Our head sommelier Björnstierne Antonson will guide us through the testing of seven wines from Henri Giraud. The Tasting will occur in Stockholm the February 14, 2013 at 18:00 hours. A review of the tasting will later on be posted on the Champagne Club website.



Björnstierne tasted Comte de Champagne
I have long tried to get hold of Comte de Champagne from older vintages. Which was a dilemma when it historically was owned by seven families, six of whom wanted to sell and to improve the financial status the old management sold much of Taittigerns grapes to other firms. Whereupon also sold out basically everything they had in the cellars. Since the takeover of the firm by Pierre-Emmanuel Taittinger and son Clovis, with assistance from Crédit Agricole in 2006, when the firm was sold, in 2005 the work have begun to rebuild a reference stock again! In January, I had the opportunity together with Magnusson Fine Wine. To arrange a Comte de Champagne Taittinger tasting.



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